Yoga Classes


1 class - $10

Why Do We Offer Yoga?

We believe in improving physical health & strength and providing our members with a space where they can retreat from the chaos experienced in daily life. Yoga helps you focus on increasing mindfulness and awareness of your body, which in turn helps you perfect best practices in both Yoga and Pilates. Our Yoga classes consist of breath-controlled exercises, yoga postures, and a resting period

what are your goals?

what do you miss?

  • Does your back hurt after going for a walk?
  • Do you wish you could play 18 holes instead of 9?
  • Do you have to ice your knees after playing tennis?
  • Would you like to do these things more often and without pain?

how yoga can help

  • Improve balance, coordination and circulation
  • Improve postural problems & alleviate back pain
  • Enhance ease of movement, balance, strength, and flexibility
  • Increase core strength, stability, and peripheral mobility
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You’re familiar with the movements but still have more to learn about the Yoga principles and your own body. You’re feeling and seeing results but want to further improve your technique. You want to develop more strength, flexibility and focus before progressing to the next level. 


You’re aware of your body’s strengths and weaknesses and familiar with making modifications and adjustments to suit your needs. Your strength, flexibility and ability to focus and engage specific muscles has evolved. You’ve been practicing Yoga principles and developed considerably more core strength than when you began.


You’re ready to apply your best form, balance and self-awareness to our most challenging and engaging Yoga repertoire.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga exercises have been shown to decrease body fat, increase flexibility, improve muscle strength and tone, prevent injury, elevate energy levels. Our particular classes help you focus on breathing, concentration, centering, precision, control, and flow.

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