Member Stories

how our members are acheiving their goals

Laura’s Story

I am not a complainer.  I make friends with everyone and love to walk with my girlfriends every morning.  But, I had to stop after lower back pain I have had off and on for 20 years became excruciating for 2-3 days after my walks. I live in Ohio and started taking the virtual classes

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Marty’s Story

I am a marathon runner. I had pain in my right shoulder which kept me from running. I had gone to a chiropractor, a physical  therapist, and a personal trainer – not one of them could identify the problem and alleviate the pain. Until Natalie! She gave me exercises to strengthen the minor rhomboid muscle.

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John’s Story

I have been a strong active person for most of my life.  Until I had chronic undiagnosed health issues.  Fortunately, the health issues have been resolved.  Unfortunately, my fitness level had plummeted.   I used to walk and enjoy being outside doing yard work and travel but my strength was gone.  I honestly thought it

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Louie’s Story

I have always been an avid exerciser, everyday. I played college football that ruined my knees and lived with the achiness for the last 50 years until I needed a knee replacement.  However, the knee replacement ruined my golf game.  My swing was off and I couldn’t walk the course.  My wife sent me to

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