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Natalie 314Pilates

Natalie Sutto, RN, BSN, MBA, MHA, NCPT

Studio owner, Natalie uses Pilates as one of many tools for clients to learn to move without pain and future injury.  Her foundation as a Registered Nurse naturally lends a wholistic approach to her practice. Natalie believes  whole body movement is accessible for every body and every age; it is restorative for individuals recovering from cancer, knee/hip replacements, and injuries, and it is balancing in the way it works to create a strong core and lean muscles for children and adults. Natalie specializes in developing safe and challenging programs for all ages and abilities. Chronic Low Back Pain, Breast Cancer Recovery, Scoliosis and Neurological Conditions are her areas of expertise – she is the only Pilates instructor in MO with such extensive experience and training in movement therapy.  In addition to working with clients with rehab and general fitness goals, Natalie works with athletes to include ballet, hockey, swimming, football, tennis and soccer to help prevent injury and muscle imbalances. Clients range in age and abilities from age 10 to 101!

Natalie has advanced Pilates training in:

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher | Athletic Conditioning & Rehab | NeuroNetwork Premier St. Louis Studio | OOV®| BalancedBody | Polestar National Mentor | Neurological Conditions (Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, MS, Parkinsons, Stroke) | Breast Cancer | ACSM Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer | Scoliosis | Osteoporosis | Chronic Low Back Pain I Advanced Body Reading


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Master Business Administration
  • Master Healthcare Administration
  • Comprehensive Polestar Pilates
  • Comprehensive Balance Body Pilates
Appointments & pricing available upon request.


Monet 314pilates

Monet Stunson, NCPT

Monet is a nationally certified Pilates teacher. She received her initial training from The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, where she completed training on all Pilates apparatus including mat work. Monet was working as a sports performance and strength training coach when she discovered Pilates. She loved the way it made her body feel and enabled her to perform better and stronger. She knew she wanted to share this method with her clients. Monet has also completed Barre and TRX certifications and is excited to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Shannon Lee West

Shannon first experienced Pilates as a student of ballet. After dancing professionally with Ballet Arizona, The Georgia Ballet, and Cedar Lake EnsShannon first experienced Pilates as a student of ballet. After dancing professionally with Ballet Arizona, The Georgia Ballet, and Cedar Lake Ensemble a knee injury led her back to the Pilates method for rehabilitation. Prior to pursuing Pilates instruction as a career, Shannon was the Ballet Mistress and Resident Choreographer at Missouri Contemporary Ballet and has taught classical ballet throughout the St. Louis area. Most recently, Shannon completed her Pilates teacher certification through Core Dynamics under the direction of Kevin Bowen. Her goal with each class is to help students recognize the full potential of their bodies through honoring the mind-body connection of the work.


Jennifer Drewing

Jennifer began teaching Pilates over 20 years ago after utilizing the exercise method as a form of rehabilitation for an injury to her spine.  During this time, she has earned 3 comprehensive certifications through Polestar Pilates, Balanced Body Pilates, and Lolita San Miguel’s Master Mentor Pilates Training Program and is a former educator for Balanced Body Pilates.  Additionally, Jennifer worked as the Pilates instructor for the 1999-2006 University of Missouri men’s basketball teams.  She is a graduate of and former division-1 collegiate swimmer for the University of Missouri-Columbia.  

Jennifer is a 2nd Generation Pilates Master teacher.  This honor is awarded to those who have completed the rigorous 2-year Pilates Master Mentor Training Program under the personal instruction of Pilates Elder, Lolita San Miguel.  Ms. Miguel is one of only two people to be certified as a Pilates teacher by Joseph Pilates himself.
Jennifer believes that Pilates is beneficial to everyone, and enjoys working with people of all abilities to achieve their goals.

  • Bachelors of Science in Fitness & Nutrition
  • Associates of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy
  • 2nd Generation Pilates Master teacher certified by Pilates Elder, Lolita San Miguel
  • Comprehensive Polestar Pilates
  • Comprehensive Balance Body Pilates

Nicole White, NCPT

Nicole, Studio GM and Virtual Studio Director. Teaches virtually from Fort Worth Texas. Nicole began teaching Pilates in 2010.  She is comprehensively certified through Balanced Body on all Pilates apparatus.  Throughout this time, she has continued her education through advanced training in post-rehab knee and hip replacement, Neurological Conditions, Advanced Body Reading, Myofascial movement, advanced studio repertoire and assessment techniques.   Nicole is able to develop safe and challenging programs for all ages and abilities to include those with general fitness goals to top tier competitive athletes.  Nicole’s approach to any session is whole body integration to achieve goals, help prevent injury and mitigate muscle imbalances.  Pilates has dramatically helped Nicole, with chronic back pain from scoliosis, live a full and active life.  She hopes to continue spreading the joy and benefits of Pilates to others by serving them in their Pilates journeys. Nicole enjoys teaching busy executives from around the world via zoom!

Leanne Pilates Instructor

Leanne Lefferts

Leanne began her Pilates journey when she started mat classes in hopes of increasing core strength.  However, she quickly realized her Pilates practice was dramatically transforming her overall health, boosting her energy, and decreasing chronic pain.  She then began taking apparatus privates and fell further in love with the Pilates method leading to her enthusiasm to share the Pilates method with others.  Leanne received her instructor training through the Balanced Body program in Dallas, Texas, studying under master instructors such as Karen Sanzo and Shelley Estes.  Leanne is excited to share her knowledge and experience with others so they may find their own positive changes in health, body, and life. 

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