Laura’s Story

I am not a complainer.  I make friends with everyone and love to walk with my girlfriends every morning.  But, I had to stop after lower back pain I have had off and on for 20 years became excruciating for 2-3 days after my walks. I live in Ohio and started taking the virtual classes three times a week.  After 3 months of classes I’m feeling so much better.  I added in a Virtual Private lesson every 2 weeks and now I can do the activities I love without the pain.  When I do have a little pain, I check back in my instructor.  I love that the team at 314 is CONSTANTLY checking in with ME and they are always asking how I am doing.  It makes me feel comfortable to check in with them also. Even though I am virtual, I feel like I am a part of the studio!  I wake up the next morning feeling great!  Thank you 314 Pilates for having the virtual studio.  I get great instruction and love the easy accessibility to classes.  I look forward to the new MOTR class starting in July!

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