Doing things you love…why it matters

StandUp & Play ParaGolfer
Disabled veteran and PGA Master  Golf Instructor

Why is it important to pursue the passions which keep us moving? One word – HOPE.

These last few years have been among the most stressful in our country’s history. I don’t need to spell it out or site the research. Our bodies are taking the toll, our minds are placing unconscious limitations on our goals and desires making them seem unattainable.

Our bodies change, secondary to being human, and somehow, we begin to attribute this to a failure on our part. Conditions that lead to chronic pain, life changing acute and chronic medical conditions and natural aging can become overwhelming. Because we see these changes as our failure, we lose confidence in our ability to participate in activities that bring us joy. Just a few examples are walking with friends, golfing, horseback riding and biking.

However, research shows that engaging in activities which bring us joy can decrease pain, improve our self-confidence, and drastically impact disease progression. Switching our mindset from one of failure to feedback is life changing.

“I feel pain in my right hip after I walk 1 mile. What is my body telling me? Why is my hip working so much more when I walk?”
“I feel pain in my right hip after only 1 mile. I am falling apart. This is only going to get worse.”

The first statement is just that – a statement, data, an observation that creates a partnership with your body in problem solving. From there you can seek the viewpoint of a movement professional who evaluates your entire body (not just the hip).

The second statement is a judgment, shaming and concrete. There is no space for change.

Our bodies are amazing and will keep us moving at whatever costs – x-rays and MRIs tell only part of the story. Looking at and listening to your whole body, as a system allows you to get to the root cause, not the symptom. This method applies across the board, neurological conditions (MS, Parkinson’s, stroke), degenerative discs, low back pain, scoliosis, and on and on.

Become a master investigator of what your body is telling you, find a professional who takes this journey with you (life is a journey) and prepare to be amazed…..Your golf swing may look different, your walks may be slower, it might not be pretty when you get down on the ground, BUT you are doing it.

Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying learning and being vulnerable.

So much love to you all – keep trying – being human is messy and that’s OKAY .Golf for Any Ability

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