An Introduction to Pilates

An Introduction….

We are so excited about our upcoming special events with Anula Maiberg! I wanted to take a moment and introduce Anula a little more. If you google Anula Maiberg, you will find many articles, previous workshops, podcasts, Insta posts, and more. Some of the articles you can find….click here, here, or here.

Anula hails from NYC. Good thing, because she flies all over the world to teach Pilates. In both a typical instructor/student format on the apparatus or mat as well as a Master Instructor of other Pilates instructors. If you follow her on Instagram, which I highly recommend, you will see she makes her way around the world. Utah, Chicago, Cape Town, South Africa to Tel Aviv, Israel – just to name the last few weeks. Giving workshops, classes, and filming. She has been on the cover of Pilates Style, Shape magazine, participated in the Lane Bryant #LoveMyShape movement(so inspiring you must watch!), and overall embodies self-acceptance of bodies and movement.

And she is coming to 314 Pilates!

One of the things we love about Anula is that she is breaking the mold of the typical image of Pilates. Which is near and dear to 314 Pilates, as discussed here and here. Anula REALLY broke the mold when she endeavored on a crop top challenge. Doing Pilates in a crop top, and getting photos of herself during the sessions. In her own words, here. Since her challenge, she has been creating wave after wave.

And we want that exciting, inspiring, current to come to the St. Louis area.

This is why we are so excited about Anula coming. 314 Pilates wants to further explore and share this amazing mind-set and instruction with the St. Louis community. At 314 Pilates we are striving for a similar community spirit of support throughout one’s fitness journey. Whatever that journey may be. As it is SO different from person to person.

If you want to participate in a session during this inspiring two days; click here.

See you in the studio,


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