So much Spandex is terrifying!

So much Spandex is terrifying!

14 new faces joined the 314 Pilates community last month! Welcome and thank you for joining us! For our 314 old timers, if you see a new face around the studio, please be sure to pause and welcome and introduce yourself! Everyone appreciates a warm welcome and feeling included.

So, you have just started your Pilates movement journey and you may be wondering if you are in the right place! Remember, Pilates is not a fad. It has been around a long time and there is one reason for that. Because it works! I have talked a little bit about it here.

But, with any new fitness routine, you could be experiencing some challenges to get you motivated. And really, whether Pilates is new to you or not, you could be experiencing some of these mental roadblocks. So, let’s air out some common grievances around Pilates.

  1. It’s expensive. At 314 Pilates we realize everyone has an ideal price point for what they want to pay for their fitness. And we have tried our best to hit the price points our clients have requested! We offer class packages, private packages, and class memberships. All of these come with DISCOUNTS. Check out all of our options here.

  2. It’s confusing to have to follow what the instructor is telling me to do. Yes, there is probably a lot of new cues you may not have heard before. I have literally had a client tell me, “What the hell are you talking about?” I understand that between the movement and listening, it can take your mind and body through a loop. Especially if you have jumped in the deep end with us, and started with the Beginner classes. Have no fear, with our semi-private class sessions you can not get lost in the group. No wall flowers here. With only 6 total participants, the instructor is really able to give quite a bit of attention to each person throughout the session. And we love feedback! If your instructor says a cue, and you have no idea what the heck you are suppose to do; let us know! It makes perfect sense in our heads, and we forget it may not make sense for everyone. Or if you are still confused, a private can really help with understanding.

  3. Only six people per class?!?!?! I don’t want people looking me while I work out! I get that some folks want to be a wall flower. Another person in a large class. You would prefer not to have the individual attention. But, Pilates requires correct form to create the optimum body function. And true, if you can melt away in a class size of 12 or 30, no one is going to look at you, maybe not even the instructor. However, believe me, in a class of 6 no other classmate is looking at you because everyone else is trying their very best to get the movement right in their body. The only person looking at you is the instructor, to ensure you are getting the most out of class.

  4. So much spandex is terrifying. Yes, I will fully admit to the spandex intimidation factor. And not only that, but let’s call it like it is. If you are starting out and you see The Sporty Sally Spandex Queen walking out, you may want to walk back to your car. However, at 314 Pilates we have a wide variety of body types and EVERYONE has something they are working hard for. We have worked for years with some clients, we and they are happy they have come so far! We have seen them struggle through their goals and come out the other end happy to be able to wear whatever they want. But, we also have the stroke survivor, someone battling every day with a TBI, or someone starting on a large weight-loss goal. I hope you find that we are striving for a community of inclusivity rather than just the Spandex Brigade.

  5. I just have trouble staying motivated. Staying motivated is a very real struggle for some folks. It may not just be Pilates, it can be any form of fitness. Yoga, jogging, even entering a gym could give you hives on a regular basis. But, with the welcoming, inclusive, cozy atmosphere we have at 314 Pilates, we hope you will find the motivation. A couple of things we are trying to do at 314 Pilates…..We have special events to spice things up. I am trying to encourage motivation through the blog. Our instructors are highly trained, so that you are not doing the same thing over and over again. We have different types of classes, equipment, and levels of classes so you can find something that will fit your taste each and every week. If you are still looking for motivation, bring a friend with you! It is SO much easier to accomplish a goal with a buddy.

I firmly believe no one has ever regretted going to a Pilates session. Although I may be biased. 😉

See you in the studio,


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