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Here we are in February! How are your fitness/wellness goals coming? We are so happy you choose 314 Pilates to be apart of them. Or if you are just stopping by, we hope you make 314 Pilates your home for Pilates. According to this recent article, 80% of New Year’s resolution goals fail. Eek, that is bleak! But, to be honest, I am in that 80% for a goal or two I have made in the past. Can I get a raise of hands of folks whose best of intentions at the New Year have fallen to the wayside?

Maybe a goal you set at the end of December has ended up in the 80% heap of derailing. I say, that is fine, let’s get it back on the rails! Dust it off, reassess the original intention, modify if need be, and try again. To let it fall away and wither away can be more demoralizing than allowing yourself to make modifications and retry. You wanted a lifestyle change back in December; brush off that desire and see if it is still true. Let it point you to the same goal, or slightly different. Now is a good time to be able to assess whether it is worth the original intent or if there needs to be modifications.

If you really want to achieve a fitness goal or weight-loss goal, a great piece to include would be to get a partner to join you. In your goal setting, having a partner to workout with helps you achieve and maintain your goals. It has been proven over and over again. The NIH even conducted a study regarding this phenomena. Read the NIH study here. Read a great overview of the study here.

Among those recruited with friends and given SBT plus social support, 95% completed treatment and 66% maintained their weight loss in full.

95% of people who completed workouts with friends/family members were able to achieve their goals in the 10 month study! Isn’t that amazing? It pays to workout with others! Now that is a statistic I can get behind.

Going at something with a friend is way easier. You eat together, shop, have coffee, try a new restaurant, go on vacay, get a massage, talk about the mundane for hours together. What about trying your fitness routine together? Could that be two birds with one stone?!?!?

We understand trying something new can be scary. Pilates can be intimidating for first timers. I discuss several of the topics here. But, what if you are thinking of trying Pilates, and you brought a friend?

  1. Wouldn’t it be more fun to spend an hour out your day spending time with your family & getting a workout in?

  2. Would that be less intimidating to have your Mom, friend, bestie, special someone with you to laugh with as you tried something new?

  3. Wouldn’t it be great to be a part of the 95% to attain the goal?

We believe STRONGLY in the power of duets. The proven effectiveness of an accountability partner, the fun, and the effective workout. Duets are so effective because each person still receives an incredible amout of personal attention from the instructor. If you are interested in seeing how duets could change your goal achievement, try it out. We have a new duet pricing available. Click here to find the finish line for your fitness/wellness goal.

See you in the studio,


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