When does a Private Session Make Sense and Cents?

When does a Private Session Make Sense and Cents?

Happy New Year! Happy 2020 Goal Setting as well. We want to help you achieve your 2020 fitness goals. A lot of folks set fitness goals which require consistency and something fun to do! I say the answer to that is……(drum roll)…..Pilates. With so many offerings out there for Pilates, we hope you make your Pilates home with us. Class is a great option for the class camaraderie, accountability, price point, and amazing instructor-to-student ratio. We are working diligently to make class options for you to help you stay consistent with others who may be working towards similar goals.

There are a lot of people who fall in love with Pilates in their first experience of a mat class. Whether it be at a studio like 314 Pilates, a gym, or a yoga studio. From there, they try the apparatus class. And again, with the option of Beginner Classes to Advanced, someone can stay in the class setting throughout their Pilates movement journey. Class is a great option and why we offer so many different classes. Click here to see our class schedule. Click here to see a more detailed explanation of which class may be right for you.

But, sometimes it makes sense for your dollars and cents to pause class and have a private session. Let’s review when we recommend utilizing a private session to get you back on your feet in the class environment.

  1. You have an anomaly going on. Injury, pregnancy, recent surgery(i.e. rotator cuff). Something is going on in your movement journey that is creating a pause in moving forward. You may need a break from your current class schedule so that we can further the recovery process to create and teach you the modifications you may need moving forward.

  2. Your goal is to take class. However, you have a permanent condition in which you may need to understand modifications so that you can get the most out of your class experience. A great example of this is a client with an auto-immune disease. A client with auto-immune disease with a heavy load on the reformer can erupt in painful inflammation if the load too high for them. Until she understands the impact of the different loads on her body, it will be a continuous cycle of painful inflammation. Taking a break from class and working privately together she will learn how to adjust her own load on the apparatus. Depending on how they feel that day the load may need to be slightly lower than the rest of the class or she could workout with the same load. Once she was comfortable and knowledgeable the client is able to move on to consistent class work.

  3. Your goal is to take class however, you have had abdominal surgery (cesarean, hysterectomy, tummy tuck, or even a diastasis recti) and have not been able to feel your abdominal engagement quite the same since. In this instance, we would work to reignite the abdominal engagement after the trauma of the surgery.

  4. You started in a beginner class and really enjoy it. However, would like to advance in your practice a bit faster than the pace of class. Working in a one-on-one basis, you are always able to advance quicker. It is kind of like when you have a tutor for Calculus. Yes, you can sit in class, listen, do the work, and progress. However, when you have the tutor, you understand the intricacies much better and advance on a quicker pace.

  5. You are working towards a major goal (auditioning for a dance company, marathon, or hiking through the Alps). As your training progresses a private is where we can tailor to your needs and ultimate goal. This is to prevent injury and ensure proper cross-training is happening.

At 314 Pilates, we want to assist you in any way for you to achieve your movement goals. Seeing results as quickly as possible in a way that empowers you is what we want for everyone. We know there are other Pilates options out there for you. And we are grateful you invest in yourself, your time, and energy with us. If you have any questions, please reach out. Any of the team would love to answer your questions. And I am always here to better serve the clients of 314 Pilates. Click here to send me an email, or catch me in the studio!

See you in the studio,


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