Have you seen the Research Page?

Have you seen the Research Page?

Have you seen the newest page on the website? It is dedicated to bringing you some of the latest health research on Pilates and the benefits to one’s health. Click here to go straight to it! We are quite excited to continue to share the amazing news of Pilates….you know its our passion.

We are just starting to curate articles regarding health and Pilates. So check back often to see more and more news.

As instructors we have seen and felt in our own bodies the healing ways of Pilates, because we have been practicing for years. However, if you are new to the practice or are thinking of starting a Pilates practice, but not sure if it is right for you this may have some answers to your questions. As Pilates enthusiasts we tend to overwhelm newbies with enthusiastically stated fact upon fact all spoken with excitable love within our hearts and admittedly it may shock some people. All this, because we just can’t imagine why it has taken someone so long to try Pilates! Instructors must remember to pull the reins to sensibly describe what Pilates is and does for the body. Given, our views are probably slanted towards Pilates. But, if you are looking for objective and unbiased viewpoints, you will find it on our research page.

I will touch briefly on another article from one of the articles regarding Pilates and heart health in women. The nitty-gritty of the study:

Training Group: 44 hypertensive middle aged women completed 16 weeks of 2 times per week of Mat Pilates.

Results: Training Group showed statistically significant improvements in their systolic, diastolic blood pressures in all moments evaluated (clinical, 24h, awake and asleep). In addition, the Training Group showed improvements in height, waist and hip circumferences, and flexibility.

Conclusion: “The results support the recommendation of mat Pilates as a non-drug treatment for hypertension.”

I just thought that was so wonderful to see! A non-drug treatment that is readily available? I wanted to take a moment to take note of two points:

  1. The study took place over 16 weeks

  2. Pilates was performed 2 times a week

Consistency is key. I have talked a bit about it; click here. Statistically significant results were seen in 4 months. I’m not sure if there is any overnight remedy. But, in time with consistency, Pilates will definitely help progress one to better health.

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