One. Drop. Of. Sweat. At. A. Time

One. Drop. Of. Sweat. At. A. Time

The holiday rush is ON! The get togethers, endless school happenings (!), cooking, cleaning, and of course shopping. You have worked all year trying to be consistent with your fitness regimen. And I get it, the next couple of weeks of your calendar are a mish-mash of to-dos. I hope to see you be able to continue with your regularly scheduled Pilates sessions. And although the rush is on, don’t let the fundamentals go. That is why I am posting a Holiday Snipet each week. So, if you are unable to make your normal Pilates routine, there is something for you to check in on. Be sure to check out my Insta posts. These are great fundamentals that can be done at home, a hotel room, or at the in-laws’ house. I will usually have a prop, but any of the movements can be done without. The prop adds an extra challenge and/or assistance at the same time. Check back here if you are interested in a specific prop and I will have an Amazon link to what I use.

Consistency in fitness has been discussed, debated, and detailed ad nauseum. You can find thousands of articles on why consistency is key. See it here, here, and even here from the Army!

The famous Joseph Pilates quote:

In 10 Sessions you will feel better

In 20 Sessions you will feel better

In 30 Sessions you will have a brand new body

And it is true! However, I wish at the end of that it had “When you do Pilates consistently!” With a consistent schedule, the most difference will be made and the most changes. Just like when a person is trying to make a positive difference to their eating habits, smoking cessation, or change in their sleep routine. Altering the normal with once in awhile positive steps will not create the pattern to make a significant mark of change.

Mastering a skill takes commitment. Mastering change in your body & fitness routine happens:

One. Drop. Of. Sweat. At. A. Time

See you in the studio,


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