My happy place

My happy place

Happiest of holidays to you! The holiday spirit is in the air, and has made me nostalgic! I want to share some thoughts on our community we have here. You make it possible, and I am so glad you stopped by!

I talked about why and when I started my teaching journey here. To further that initial discussion, 314 Pilates is my happy place. As I walk through the door each time; other cares, worries, frustrations, and burdens seem to fall away from my shoulders. I get to focus on the practice. The next client coming in. Trying to find the sweet spot for the next session to be both therapeutic yet also a dynamic workout.

I have tried to bolster our little community here with a group of instructors that are willing to work hard to achieve results for clients, with an empathetic and caring heart. To bring more joy to each and every session and experience. To step every client through their fitness goals and to be their biggest cheerleader. I feel we achieve that, and I hope you do too!

The community here at 314 Pilates is a joyful place to me. A lot of change happens here. To accept your beginning point and have the end in site; which may take awhile, takes an open and growth mindset. There will be times when a movement or entire workout is the best you can do, yet feels it needs improvement. And that is the beauty of the work. That we accept our current spot and the challenge of where we want to go. And want to change the pattern to get there. Whether it be physically and/or mentally.

Change happens through movement and movement heals.
— Joseph Pilates

Movement heals….what? Your body, your spirit, your outlook, you fill in the blank. What has it healed for you? I would love to know, click here, would you email me your answer? I will keep it confidential if you would like.

It has healed so many different things, at different times in my life. Physically, my heart, and definitely my outlook for the day. And I am so grateful for that. It is what led me to the practice of Pilates.  Don’t you just feel proud of yourself when you get done with a workout? When you have conquered the Oov, the jump board, or just made it through class! And it’s what keeps me coming back for more, that feeling of happiness.

Throughout my years of doing Pilates, I have been blessed to have clients and Pilates colleagues that I care about. And I know they care about me and my family. Isn’t that amazing? That through physical fitness we can find this supportive community? This whole group of truly caring individuals in life? Another reason Pilates is my happy place.

I hope you are able to see the same change and healing pattern in you lives, as you progress with your practice. That you feel that excited bubbly feeling inside when you know you are coming to 314 Pilates. When you know you will see your instructor and classmates, there will be laughs and hard work. And that it is totally worth it…the time, the money, the sweat.

Yet most of all, I hope you have the sense that you are walking into an atmosphere where we are yearning for a community spirit of encouragement, change, joy, & calm.

See you in the studio,


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