A little more about Studio Owner Natalie….

A little more about Studio Owner Natalie….

In order for our clients to get to know our amazing instructors here at 314 Pilates, we thought we would bring you a short interview of each. In all fairness, I will start with myself!


What three words come to mind when you think about Pilates?

Joy, Peace, Liberating

What do you love about teaching Pilates?

The ability to help clients rediscover the joy of movement especially after illness or injury.

Where have you taken your Comprehensive training?

I initially trained and completed the Balanced Body program. I then furthered my education and refined my toolbox with the Polestar Comprehensive Training.

What are your current inspirations? What do you love about them?

I love learning. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and grow. Right now, I am on the Polestar Educator track. The ability to be a part of the educator team some day is my dream. I am currently loving being a mentor and learning so much from the students and other educators as I experience each training program along side them.

Why Pilates? How did you find the practice?

I’d been practicing for 10 years when my husband and I adopted our 3rd son. He had a traumatic birth and suffered a brachial plexus injury of C5,6,8 &T1. He was a very sick baby and I quit my job as a nurse consultant to take care of him. I was getting cabin fever and had daydreamed of teaching Pilates and my husband pushed me to get trained as “something to do.” It has grown into a full fledged passion and career!

What do you hope to convey in your teaching?

Our bodies are amazing – come as you are – there is space for growth and joy and movement wherever our starting place. I’d worked with Paralympic wheelchair athletes, traumatic brain injury survivors with 5% chance of living that are now waking independently, and kids on the autism spectrum struggling with movement coordination. There is joy in all movement accomplishments and I have the privilege to share in that joy.

What is your favorite apparatus or favorite way to move? What do you love about it?

My favorite is the reformer. I love the slow warmup but always want to progress to some high intensity jumping!

*And a special thank you to these two client beauties working hard on the reformer in the studio!*

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