Which Class is Right for me?

Which Class is Right for me?

I Love Pilates Class!

I Love Pilates Class!

We offer multilevel classes designed for various client types. Here is an initial guide to help you determine if you are in the right class level or type for you. Although this is a great starting point, there will be times when we may require a certain level of proficiency in a private or duet session to ensure your safety before being allowed to participate in a particular class.  

It is important to remember as you move through your Pilates journey it is good to move around in levels and class types. If you can not get into your normal classtime, I encourage you to try a new class or with a new instructor. You will learn something new, feel the same movement differently, and/or hear a new instruction that resonates with you and your body. Even if you normally practice at the advanced level, it is always good to go to another level. I especially like this when I am getting back after I have been ill or on a prolonged vacation. Trying to loose weight, and find yourself at a plateau or you want to kick start your weight-loss goals? The cardio sculpt class is a great answer to revving up the metabolism and burning some serious calories.

This is a great way to begin your Pilates practice! The participants in this class have little or no experience with Pilates exercises on the mat or apparatus. Needs a slower pace, moderate assistance with changing settings on apparatus, and/or assistance with modifications & positioning for pre-existing medical precautions (i.e. low bone density, sciatica, total joint replacements, spine issues, balance, etc.). As this person is new to the discipline, they will need significant instruction and cuing on posture and movement fundamentals. This class is typically held on the Reformer.

With an overall moderate fitness level and substantial Pilates experience within 314 Pilates specifically working on the apparatus in a Beginner class setting or privately within the studio. Able to change most spring/apparatus settings with little or no assistance. Able to self modify and properly position with necessary props for any pre-existing medical conditions. Has a solid grasp of posture/movement fundamentals with good body awareness. This class will move beyond the Reformer and utilize most equipment in the studio; Reformer, Tower, Chair, Oov, etc.

Reformer Cardio Sculpt

This class is to get your heart rate up and burning calories! The participants in this class have an understanding of the discipline, and have a solid grasp on posture and movement fundamentals with good body awareness. The participants have already begun their Pilates practice at 314 Pilates through the Beginner class or through Private sessions.

Advanced/Teacher Training
Participants should have a high level of fitness, practicing Pilates consistently at least 2x/week for 6+ months privately or in classes, and/or is currently in a Polestar Pilates Teacher Training program or is a Pilates teacher. Able to change all spring/apparatus without assistance. They must have excellent body awareness and a solid understanding of any limitations within their bodies. **Note: The advanced classes may require instructor approval to participate and may not be suitable for all bodies.


At 314 Pilates, a series is typically for a specific population. For example we have a brand new series starting in December, the Pre/Post Natal Pilates. Click here for more information, if that resonates with you. Or the Mens Series, which is currently underway, and has a great group of guys. They keep me laughing throughout and I keep them sweating and working! So, the series will address the unique challenges or create a differentiating challenge for the client set. Another difference for a series is that it runs only a specific timeframe. In contrast to classes which run continuously, the series has a specific start and end date.

On another note, I am starting to plan our classes and series for 2020. Is there something on the calendar that you love or loved in the past? Is there something on the calendar you wish 314 Pilates would provide? Please let me know. We are here for you and because of you; our amazing clients! Please email me, by clicking here, I appreciate you taking the time and love hearing your thoughts!

See you in the studio,


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